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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How many gallons of water savings can I expect in a month if I install Freylit’s reclaim /wash water recycling system?

A: In a typical wash that has sewer discharge, we expect to save approx. 80% of the water used. This percentage level provides the optimum position by using fresh water for the up front chemical dispensing, and back end fresh water rinsing. The actual amount of water will depend on the type of wash you have, or will install, but if retrofitting a Freylit Wash Water Recycling System, your monthly water bill will provide a clear idea of the gallonage and expenses incurred. Remember to add the fresh city water AND the sewer discharge together. Typically we see a saving of anywhere between 30 – 40 gallons per car for a small wash, and up to 70 – 80+ gallons per wash where a wash has a tunnel or a high water usage automatic roll over.

Q: Can I install a Freylit reclaim/wash water recycling system where I have NO sewer connection?

A: Yes, we call this a "closed loop wash". Freylit has many sites where we have no sewer connection and recycle 100% of the water. Depending on the wash location, even if we have a "zero discharge site", we have, through years of experience, learnt how to prepare and set-up a wash site to be able to operate when we have no ability to discharge to sewer. We would need to contact our technical staff to discuss on a site by site basis.

Q: Why should I recycle/reuse the wash water from my car wash? Is it safe to reuse the wash water?

A: With a growing environmental concern across the country and annual water hikes by the water utility companies, making better use of your wash water is becoming imperative. Local authorities are now starting to mandate a reclaim system BEFORE pre planning permission is granted. Freylit has seen many water bills topping $1,500 a month, so at that level, a reclaim makes great sense and payback can be within two years.

Reusing wash water is safe. Freylit has been recycling water in washes for almost 25 years and as long as you have adequate degerming, and good filtration, then constantly reusing the wash water is not a problem.

Q: Why should I consider a Freylit reclaim/wash water recycling system as opposed to any other manufacturer on the market?

A: Freylit is a dedicated manufacturer and ONLY makes Wash Water Recycling and Oil Water Separators Systems. With almost 10,000 installations world wide, many with very discerning customers, and abiding to very strict environmental parameters, we believe that our quality and pedigree provide the reassurance to our customers that we market professional and truly fully field tested equipment.

Q: How often do I have to perform maintenance on Freylit’s reclaim system, and what is the cost of annual maintenance?

A: With many of our reclaim systems installed with International Oil Companies such as BP, Shell Exxon, Mobile, Chevron, maintenance has to be limited and infrequent. We recommend quarterly preventive maintenance that takes NO more than one hour. Our less complicated reclaims can manage on 30 minutes per quarterly service. There are NO expensive filters to change, no regular daily or weekly filters to pull, clean and replace, so the annual maintenance costs are limited to the wages needed to conduct the preventive maintenance quarterly services.

Q: What is the warranty period for Freylit’s equipment, and can we obtain spares easily?

A: The Freylit Oil Water Separator carries a 5 year warranty on the plates and associated polypropylene items, whilst the Wash Water Recycling System carries a one year warranty. We hold a full inventory of spares in our warehouse and offer an overnight shipping service if needed. Some of our distributors also carry certain items in their stock.




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