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Glossary of Items

Austrian Norms (Standards)

All Wash Water Recycling Systems and Oil Water Separators manufactured or installed in Austria have to conform to the Austrian Federal Government Standards, called Norms. These standards are among the strictest in the world, and non compliance with semi annual government tests can result in Federal manufacturing and selling Licenses being suspended.

Automatic Back-flush of the Fine Filter

This back-flush mechanism is programmed to proceed at the end of each wash cycle automatically. A signal will be sent by the flow switch to a micro controller, which will open the pneumatic back-flush valve for 20 seconds. The use of recycled water and compressed air will clean the fine filter, while discharging the dirt water back to the underground tank.

High Voltage Electrode

After passing through the hydro cyclones, the recycling water passes through a pipe which is equipped with a high voltage electrode. The high voltage energy created causes flocculation of the suspended solids which kills bacteria and prevents the growth of algae.


Before the water reaches the reactor tank it passes through a hydro cyclone(s). Here larger suspended solids are separated and returned to the silt chamber.

Floatation (Air) Membrane

By means of the floatation membrane which is installed at the bottom of the reactor tank, flakes are created by the high voltage electrode. These flakes are lifted to the surface to create a dirt layer in the reactor tank and are drained periodically to the silt chamber. A secondary usage of the air membrane is to oxygenate the water to prevent the growth of foul smelling bacteria.

Freylit Water Stabilizer

The Water Stabilizer works by a physio-kinetic process and does not need electricity, chemicals or maintenance. The water stabilization process is achieved by passing the water through a double walled cylinder, which contains a high-energetic medium. As the water flows through the Water Stabilizer, the water molecules are ’excited’ and the oxygen contained in the water is activated. The development of germs and bacteria in the recycled water is therefore prevented.


The EKOLIT and EKOLIT "X" range of reclaim systems are controlled by a microprocessor that allows a number of functional reclaim abilities to be adjusted to suit the type and wash environment.


The Freylit Oil Water Separator plates are oleophilous, meaning that the plates are tactile and encourage the molecules of oil, and like specific gravity substances, to cling to the plate surface.


Ozone is a colorless gas with a pungent odor, having the molecular form of O3, and the ability to degerm water. However if not controlled correctly, it can destroy rubber components such as seals, flanges and wire cables. Freylit does not use Ozone in degerming.



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