Washing Facility Solutions
for Turf Equipment

Freylit's Advantages & Key Criteria in Selection
of a Wash Pad Station


Mark Langner, Director of Agronomy,
Pursell Farms

Freylit is an international manufacturer of environmental systems & solutions to treat and control polluted water. Our systems feature advanced technology that is embedded into our Golfing Wash Packages.

Our tough standards meet stringent requirements that have been developed over 30 years of rigorous filed testing in over 40 countries world wide.

Our Golf Course Wash Equipment Packages were developed after careful consultation with Superintendents where we evaluated problems and difficulties they encountered in the complete operation of washing turf equipment and the handling of the grass debris. By use of a special lift pump integrated with our renowned reclaim systems, we're able to bring to the Golfing Industry exciting packages that can allow closed loop systems where water is used over and and over, in some cases for several years, while at the same time keeping in check "odor".

Farmlinks GC, LA

Kinlock GC, VA

Hacienda GC, CA

Quail Hollow CC, NC

Design & Technical Support

Freylit provides comprehensive support on the design and layout of:

• Fuelling Facilities
• Blow Down Areas
• Chemical Storage Buildings
• Wash Pad Design and # of Hose Reels

Includes interface with Architects & General Contractors.

Site Meeting with Freylit Staff

Underground (or above) ground tanks for Wash Pad



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