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Why Choose Freylit?
Wash Water Recycling Systems

  • Freylit has gained international experience from installations in over 35 countries, with over 9,500 reclaim and oil water separator systems installed during the last 28 years. Our major clients include: BP, Shell, Exxon/Esso, Mobil, Texaco, Chevron, Ferrari, BMW, Mercedes, Maserati and Porsche..

  • Does not use any corrosive ozone or dangerous chemicals to degerm the water and is deemed a "Green Build Application".

  • Odor control using Freylit’s proprietary water stabilizer, unique voltage electrode and exclusive 7,200 head diffused air membrane.

  • Is exceptionally easy to maintain. No changing of messy and/or expensive filters is needed daily, weekly, or even annually.

  • Four stage dirt removal for easy system operation and long term easy maintenance.

  • Automatic backflushing using Freylit’s fine filter.

  • Requires a small foot print of approximately 12-20 sq ft, depending on the model.

  • Outdoor units available.

  • Certain models upgradeable to the next size in range.


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